BOSS Concrete has installed, repaired, and replaced thousands of concrete driveway across the South Atlanta Metro area over the last 20 years.

Concrete is a durable material, but when concrete driveways are installed incorrectly, as most are, then there are bound to be issues with concrete cracking, dusting, spalding, heaving, etc.  As the premier concrete contractor in Atlanta, BOSS Concrete is able to fix whatever driveway repair issue you have.

Common Concrete Driveway Issues

Cracking concrete due to tree root stress
Cracked concrete due to erosion or settlement
Sinking concrete caused by underground trash pit
Concrete driveway cracked under excessive loads
Low or weak PSI strength of concrete mix
Excessive water added to concrete mix during installation
Insufficient concrete thickness
Insufficient control joints or expansion joints in concrete
Insufficient reinforcement added to concrete driveway mix

Driveway Issues Comparison Chart

  • Tree Roots
  • Incorrect thickness
  • Sinkhole/trashpit
  • Erosion/subgrade issue
  • Bad mix/installation

But don’t worry, because even cracked concrete driveways can be fixed.  So how is concrete ‘fixed’?  Most situations require that we remove and replace the affected concrete area. Sometimes it is preferable to fix just the concrete sections that require replacement. How big of an area should be replaced?  It depends on your situation.  Let us take a look.  It is important to note that most concrete cracking cannot be fixed properly by resurfacing.

Under some circumstances, it may be best to replace the entire concrete driveway.  Whole driveway replacement may be the best option if you are experiencing widespread cracking due to improper concrete thickness, low initial concrete strength, or when too much water was added during driveway installation.  It wouldn’t hurt to ask us for an estimate; its free!

Does every concrete driveway need reinforcement?  We believe it does.  Our temperate climate and clay soils can provide enough stability for concrete driveways and any outdoor concrete work, but it is a good idea to also include fiber or wire mesh reinforcement.  It depends on your situation.

Every concrete driveway needs a few things:

  • A properly compacted sub-grade

  • A strong concrete mix of 3000 PSI or greater

  • A minimum concrete thickness of 3 1/2″-4″

  • Properly installed control and expansion joints

  • And a Concrete Contractor who knows how to pour concrete

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