Concrete costs and job pricing are difficult to publish for different reasons. Clearly, everyone would like to find a convenient list of prices that make it easy to estimate the cost of that concrete patio or driveway repair you are thinking about having done. Unfortunately, many things can affect the cost of your concrete or masonry project.

  • Terrain, slope, and location will affect concrete pricing
  • Septic tanks, footers, and utility line locations should be reviewed
  • Jobsite accessibility needs to be reviewed
  • Local weight restrictions and risk of damage to landscape should be assessed
  • Other factors that vary from job to job

Having said that, there are price ranges within which your concrete project will most likely fall. We have listed some general guidelines that might help you as you budget for your concrete project. Editors Note: Please don’t use these square foot estimates for projects under 300 sq. ft…we cannot remove and replace your 10′ x 10′ patio with stamped concrete for $600, or else we would lose money and go out of business.

Remove and replace concrete driveway or patio 4″ thick: Approx $5-$10 per square foot.

Remove and replace concrete driveway or patio with stamped concrete: Approx $8-$12 per square foot.

Call BOSS Construction at 770-599-3800 or click here and our estimator will contact you to set up an appointment.

Concrete, masonry, and the custom construction industry are trades that are as much of an art as they are a science. Our people are trained to listen to your problems, desires, and ideas, and then design a customized solution that is both affordable and complementary to your home. It is important to remember that a ‘square foot price’ can only be an estimate of the actual expense. By examining the location and asking the right questions face to face, we can quote our customers exact, to the penny, costs and stand by them, no matter how long your concrete project takes. Please send us an email, fax, or call our office at (770)599-3800 to schedule an appointment with us. The estimate is always free and valid for thirty (30) days, so there will be no pressure to make a decision.

If you would like us to be more specific about your concrete or stamped concrete pricing, but don’t have the time to meet with a project estimator, then you might be interested in our email quote program. Basically, you describe you concrete or masonry project in as much detail as you can, and you gather any drawings, sketches, and photos of the area showing any important details, and you submit them to office[at]bossconcrete[dot]com. Someone from our office will contact you soon thereafter with a general quote based on the information you provide.