BOSS Concrete has installed hundreds of concrete slabs, foundations, and crawlspaces for new construction over the last 20 years.

Concrete Slabs are everywhere in Georgia. Builders prefer them because concrete slabs are cheaper to install than traditional crawlspaces and full basements.  Concrete slabs and foundations typically require inspection from the governing municipality, and have footings with rebar, vapor barriers to protect from radon gas and moisture, and steel reinforcement throughout.

Concrete Slabs

In the past homes were built on crawlspaces, but the concrete slab has become the choice of builders todayConcrete slabs are cheaper to build than crawlspaces. Concrete slabs are also ideal for commercial applications.  With concrete slabs, there is often no access to the underground plumbing once the slab is poured, and underground water leaks can be very costly.


Concrete block Crawlspaces

Concrete Block Crawlspaces are still a common house foundation construction method.  Crawlspaces are the preferred method when the house location is gently sloping, or if the home is pre-manufactured.  It is also a consideration when it is necessary to have access to electrical/plumbing/mechanical under the structure after construction.  It is usually slightly more expensive then concrete slabs.


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