BOSS Concrete has installed, repaired, and replaced thousands of concrete patios across the South Atlanta Metro area over the last 20 years.

Concrete Patios are found throughout Atlanta. Concrete is a durable material, but when concrete patios are installed incorrectly, as most are, then you are bound to have issues with your patio concrete cracking, dusting, spalding, heaving, etc. As the premier concrete contractor in Atlanta, BOSS Construction is able to fix whatever concrete patio issue you have.

Here is a short list of some of the concrete patio services we provide:

  • Removal of old concrete patios

  • Concrete patio design

  • Concrete patio repair and patio replacement

  • New concrete patios

  • Stamped concrete patios

  • Decorative concrete patios

  • Colored concrete patios

  • Flagstone patios

Most concrete patio jobs require that we remove the existing patio, and start a new concrete patio from scratch.  There are companies that offer concrete resurfacing over your existing patio, but be careful when you choose this option.

Be wary of concrete resurfacing.  Concrete resurfacing is a process that installs a thin layer of cement or polymer material on top of your existing concrete.  There is a debate in the concrete industry over the durability of resurfacing on exterior surfaces.  If your concrete is cracked before the new surface is applied, then those cracks will eventually re-appear in the new surface (regardless of what some may say).  Why take a chance?  Removal and replacement of the concrete area is surely a better option and may be comparable to the costs of resurfacing.  The resurfacing process does indeed have a role in concrete decoration inside of structures where environmental factors such as temperature, humidIty, and traffic can be controlled.

Does every concrete patio need reinforcement? No. Our temperate climate and clay soils can provide enough stability for concrete driveways and any outdoor concrete work. That doesn’t mean that you never need reinforcement. It depends on your situation. Be careful with any concrete contractor that tells you that you have to have reinforcement in every situation. They may just be spending your money.

Every concrete patio needs a few things:

  • A properly compacted subgrade

  • A strong concrete mix of 3000 PSI or greater

  • A minimum concrete thickness of 3 1/2″-4″

  • Properly installed control and expansion joints

  • And a Concrete Contractor who knows how to pour concrete

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